Vintage Board Price Guide

What many people who grew up with playing boards have to say is that today’s games seem to lack the fun and intelligence that games of the 60’s and 70’s provided. The games are produced cheaper and lack the fun art that many of the box covers had. We all grew up with them and learned to have fun with them and brought our families closer together.

The value of a game board is a difficult collectible to predict. The value of a board game is based on the following:

  • condition - this is based on being a complete game with nothing destroyed such as the cards and game board.
  • rarity - this is based on production numbers and companies.
  • current market value - the most difficult to determine since like any market has high's and low's.

The prices of game boards have seen an increase with the Internet and the baby boom collector markets. The games that bring the highest prices, and many times above market price are the ones still sealed and have never been played or a complete game that contains all the parts. Look for a pattern before purchasing the type of game you're looking for to get a good sense on the value. The collectible market fluctuates and has high’s and lows and a good place to begin is Ebay. This is just a practical list of games and the prices that they bring on the secondary market.

Hottest Market

The 80's Games - That generation has grown up and now is in search of there childhood games other then Nintendo and Atari. The board games from that ERA that command high prices are Dark Tower, Tornado Rex, Crash Canyon and Fireball Island. These are 3D games with all the parts and in working order range from $50-100 dollars and beyond. Some other bizarre ones that come to mind also are Splat, Looping Louie and Curse of the Cobras.

Western and Military Games

Axis & Allies This is a very common game that has been produced for many years. Strategy game from Milton Bradley in a series called "Gamemaster Series". The most sought after games in that series are Shogun and Broadsides and Boarding Parties.

Estimate value $25 – $150.00

3M and Avalon Hills - produced some amazing strategy games in the 70-80's. Many of these role-playing games are sought after in the secondary market. What makes their games collectable in the market is its usage. How it was used and if it contains the entire game piece? Most of these had cardboard game pieces, hundreds of them and to find a game in un-played condition is a golden egg. Games like Tactics II and Gettysburg are common but there are ones that you don’t find very often such as Patton’s Best and Rail Baron that command high prices.

Value $ 25.00 – $85.00

Business and Sports Games

Business and Sports games have lost some of their stream in recent times. Many are easy to find on the web at a reasonable price. One of my favorite games is Go for Broke where the object is to lose all your money which sounds easier then it is. The game Stock Market by Whitman is a very collectable game and does command high prices.

Value $10-150.00

Sports games are not that collectable. The Mattel Talking Football game still garners around $25.00-$50.00 dollars. The key to this is the talking device, it must work. The Baseball version of this game is very RARE and will cost a bit more to purchase.

Schaper Games

Jack and the Beanstalk. A very fun game where players gather leaves off the giant stalk and try and climb to the top.

Value $35-45.00

King of the Hill King of the Hill. The first one to the top wins the game. This is a hot game currently.

Value of $45-75.00

Ideal Games

Haunted HouseHaunted House. A very large game in 3d. You open hidden doors looking for hidden jewels. This is a rare game and collectors are always looking for this one. .

Value $350-600.00

Monster lab. A motorized monster moves around and you try to keep him from your side of the board. Sought after by collectors.

Value $400-600.00

Babysitter Game. A very large game where the object is to move around the game board witout waking the baby.

Value $75-125.00

Milton Bradley Voice of the mummy

Voice of the Mummy by Milton Bradley. This is the hottest game on the market currently behind the Black Tower. Players move around multi-level "pyramid" collecting gems; small battery-powered record player inside sarcophagus at the center of the board instructs players who land on certain spaces on their moves or gem collecting. Once "Great Jewel" is removed from sarcophagus (along with the evil cobra-shaped "Spell"), the record is turned over, and the game becomes a race back to player's home temple by exact count; player with highest gem value wins, regardless of whether they are the first player to reach home base. What makes this such a collectible is the record and the player, many do not work anymore. Another in this series is Seance.

Value $250-600.00

Character Board Games

Battle MastersThis company cornered the market on Strategy, TV and Movie game boards. Some games such as Captain America, Terminator 2, Shogun, Dark Tower are just a few games that come to mind. They created hundreds of games for every age group from TV shows from the 60-90's.

Value $9.99 - $150.00

Adventure/Strategy Games – Are all the rage now. Heroquest is one game from the 80’s that is commanding very high prices. Key to this game is the amount of pieces the game had and if the game is complete. There are several additional game packs that were released that command 75-100 dollars apiece. Another MB game is Space Crusade which was released in larger quantities in the UK.  Some games that are similar however never really caught on to collector such as Lionheart and Dark Ages.

Value $9.99 - $150.00